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News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.

May 30, 2021

On this edition of Funky Politics, Lee, Lisa and Terrence dig into the Colonial Pipeline hack that had some people putting gas in grocery bags. What does that vulnerability mean for national security? And how will we kick our addiction to fossil fuels? Plus, has "wokeism" and "cancel culture" gone too far? Or are those getting canceled just finally facing the consequences? The gang chops up recent comments from comedian Chris Rock, actor LeVar Burton and political strategist James Carville -- and whether or not America's TV dad Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show can be separated from the crimes of Bill Cosby. Real. Righteous. FUNKY! Funky Politics, emPowered by Kudzukian!