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News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.

May 15, 2021

On this episode, The FP Crew (Terrence Patterson, Lisa Moore and Lee Eric Smith) deconstruct the puzzling candidacy of former Olympian and current reality star Caitlyn Jenner, who has received enough petition signatures to challenge California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election this fall. Plus, a deep conversation with Zyanya Cruz, co-founder of Native Rites, a Memphis-based activist organization for Indigenous Americans. Cruz shares her own experiences and perspectives as a young indigenous woman growing up in the Mid-South, as well as why she fights so hard to draw attention to the troubling issue of missing indigenous women.