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News talk podcast featuring national, regional, and global news in the funkiest way possible! Tackling real issues with some of the most notable guests in the country and addressing the concerns that mainstream media leaves out! Enjoy politics from the overall perspective of the Black community while highlighting Southern voices and opinions. It’s our news, our narratives, our way.

May 15, 2019

On this episode of Funky Politics, we hear from Faith Morris, the Chief Marketing and External Affairs Officer for the National Civil Rights Museum here in Memphis, TN. She leads the museum's communications strategy and gets the message out that the museum wants people to hear.

Faith Morris communicated to us the future marketing plans and endeavors of the Civil Rights Museum. We also dive deep into the current state of affairs in America and the outlook for African Americans in this era. So tune into Funky Politics: The 20/20 Vision for African Americans, featuring Faith Morris.